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Blockchain's virtual universe

Valireum is the world’s first fully capable decentralized virtual ecosystem designed for games development.
Its robust architecture and highly competent development portal, makes it the perfect candidate for bootstrapping real-world ideas and solutions.

Built by users
Create your own game

In the Valireum ecosystem, users can develop their own games for personal, public, or commercial use.
The ownership of planets in the Valireum universe is defined by a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain.

Infinite opportunities

Valireum is available on Linux, Mac, Windows and mobile devices.
Get started by selecting your preferred planet model, Multi/single player mode ready for VR arcade, Shooter, Racing and MMORPG.



Valireum is an unlimited universe built on Ethereum blockchain where each planet in the system represents a video game created by users, the platform provides predefined templates of various types of games from 2D classic adventure to massive multiplayer RPGs, the templates contain all the necessary tools that help them build games without the need of programming knowledge, the process starts by purchasing an uninhabited planet, selecting the best template, make it your own, share it with thousands of gamers in the Valireum universe.

The first MVP which will be released by the 10th of May 2020 will demonstrate the Ethereum blockchain integration, a working RPG game, and the different shading options available for the game developers such as the photorealistic rendering and cel shaders.

Latest News
[Roadmap update]The public sales was removed from the roadmap..
Valireum Token (VLM)

VLM is a digital asset that is used to finance the Valireum network by providing the clients with a guarantee of being able to consume game items and subscription fees in all the games available on the platform. The game developers also use VLM to add new features to their games and reward players for achieving tasks.

The Ecosystem

The Valireum ecosystem enables everyone to make profit no matter his skills is, the platform has an auto monetizing algorithm which ensures that everyone gets paid for their hard work and time, for example, developers who build entire worlds get a share of the platform income divided according to how many users they have and how much time players spent playing their games, designers who create cool assets and sell it in the marketplace to gamers who also get rewarded for playing games or participating in other programs.

Virtual items and tokenization

In the universe of Valireum, items are unique, tradable, no matter who created them, it can be a game developer or platform team or anyone with the will for innovation, using the Valireum workshop, you can make anything comes to your mind, upgrade it to a non-fungible token, sell it in the market, add it to the library as a free item or keep it in your private collection to use it in your own game.

Requently Asked Questions
What is Valireum?
Valireum is a virtual universe where users can create their own games without coding.
How to join Valireum?
Create an account, download the game and start exploring the new universe.
What is VLM token?
VLM is the offcial game currency of Valireum, players use it to trade in-game items, create planets, etc..
How to buy VLM?
now VLM is available only on Crex24 exchange in BTC and ETH pairs.
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